Relationship-based Leadership*

"The soft stuff is the hard stuff" – Jack Welsh, former CEO - GE


Designed for your Organization
Relationship-based Leadership (RbL) is a dynamic and highly interactive 2-4 module training program focused on helping leaders master some of the most demanding and critical skills in business today – the “soft” skills of successfully building and maintaining strong interpersonal relationships that are the foundation to achieving business results. The program is typically targeted at middle level managers as the engine that drives most organizations and for who relational skills are especially critical. Each program is specifically designed to meet the needs of leaders in your organization. Topics that are most frequently included are:
  • Conflict
  • Trust
  • Active Listening
  • Decision Making
  • Influencing
  • Coaching & Feedback
  • Communication Skills
  • Meeting Management
  • Middle Power

  • Practically Oriented
    Each module is designed to provide participants the opportunity to learn practical frameworks and models relative to a topic area. They engage in dialogue, assessments, case studies and interactive exercises to build confidence in their ability to apply the skills learned. At the end of each module participants identify a real-world situation where the concepts can be applied and their newfound knowledge tested. In between sessions they are expected to "try out" their learning on this situation and come to the next session prepared to talk about their successes (and failures!) and learning. Each subsequent module begins with a report out and discussion of participant’s activities in between sessions.

    The result is a very practical and hands on learning experience where participants have not only learned concepts but actually had the opportunity practice them in the real world and been guided to draw useful lessons and learning from the experience.

    Create Organizational Change
    As a capstone to the course, we frequently engage participants in a discussion about current organizational barriers and enablers to actually putting more of these skills into practice. Then, for the final portion of the last module, we invite Senior Management into the classroom to hear participants’ feedback on the program and comments/suggestions for how senior leaders can support participants to better leverage these learnings on a day-to-day basis. These sessions frequently result in meaningful changes in day-to-day operating systems and processes.

    Clients have found that this last element is frequently the most powerful aspect of the program. Participants feel empowered by having the opportunity to engage in a frank and open dialogue about the organization with the Senior Team. The Senior Team benefits from this unique forum for hearing the views, needs and priorities of this critical group of managers and next generation of leadership.

    For further information about Potentia’s approach to developing Leadership Capability or to talk to someone about implementing this training in your organization please contact us.

    *Relationship-based Leadership™ is delivered in collaboration with Catalyst Leadership Consulting.