Climate Survey


As organizations grow and change one of the most challenging aspects to stay on top of is organizational climate – how do employees feel about the changes taking place around them, what about the culture do they consider positive and motivating, and what aspects do they believe need attention or improvement. Potentia’s Organization Climate Survey (OCS) is designed to answer these questions and provide objective data that Senior Management can use to guide its organizational development and change efforts.

The OCS Process Overview

The OCS process is conducted in 4 phases. These are:
  • Phase I
  • Phase II
  • Phase III
  • Phase IV
  • - Project Design & Survey Development
    - Data Collection & Processing
    - Data Analysis and Senior Management Feedback Session
    - Survey Results Roll-out & Implementation Support
    Phase I – Project Design & Survey Development: this begins with a review of our comprehensive survey “menu”. This is an extensive catalogue of questions grouped into several categories that represent those areas that current research, our experience and past client’s needs/interests have told us are the most important dimensions of climate/culture to understand. Some of these categories include:
  • The Company Direction
  • My Manager
  • My Work Team
  • The Senior Leadership Team
  • My Career
  • and others...
  • Together, we review your current business conditions and strategy in order to select those specific items from the survey menu that will provide answers to the questions you most need to know. From this review, we build the survey that exactly meets your needs – one that targets the issues most impacting business performance and the achievement of key strategic objectives.

    Phase II – Data Collection & Processing: Your involvement here is minimal. Using our state-of-the-art web-based survey system we distribute the survey (electronically) and collect the responses, process them and tabulate the results.

    Phase III – Data Analysis and Senior Management Feedback Session: Potentia conducts a thorough analysis of the survey data drawing out the most significant messages and themes. We help you understand what issues may require focused attention (e.g. organizational hot spots) and which are more broadly based, requiring system-wide action. We also help you identify centers of excellence in the organization that can be exploited to the benefit of all. We craft this analysis into a comprhensive report which we personally present and review with Senior Leadership. Based on all of the above, we advise you on possible courses of action to address areas of concern and leverage opportunities to share organizational learning & best practices.

    Phase IV – Survey Results Roll-out & Implementation Support: Our services here can take several forms. We frequently advise Senior Leadership in the communication of survey results to the broader employee population. Clients often want to involve employees in formulating responses and solutions to issues raised in the survey. Potentia regularly assists by providing implementation teams with facilitation and expert consulting services. Survey results can sometimes point to individual managers and groups who may be in need of one-on-one coaching and/or teambuilding - these are services offered by Potentia. And finally, we offer skill building workshops that clients find helpful in addressing broad-based development needs identified in this process.

    What Distinguishes Potentia & OCS™ from the Rest:

    Consulting Capabilities: Technical Capabilities:
    For further information about Potentia’s Organization Climate Survey or to talk to someone about implementing this process in your organization, please contact us.