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John AndersonJohn Anderson

John Anderson has been achieving results with management teams for over 25 years. Using a variety of Continuous-Improvement Strategies (Cycle-Time Reduction, Leadership-Focused Total-Quality Management, Lean Manufacturing, ISO, and others), he has helped businesses achieve their desired results. His recent work has been focused on Executive Development and Coaching, Top-Team Effectiveness, and the implementation of Strategic Initiatives.

John has spent 25 years working in the Specialty-Chemical Industry as both an internal and external consultant. During this time, he held key management positions: Vice President of Quality and World-Class Manufacturing for the Dexter Corporation, Vice President of Quality and Safety, Health and Environmental for Cabot Corporation, and President of Cabotís Captive Insurance Company. After leaving the Dexter Corporation in the 90ís, he established the "Impro-Sys" Consultant Group focused on Team-Based Continuous Improvement. John was then hired by one of his clients, Cabotís Microelectronic Material Division, to implement Team-Based Continuous Improvement. He moved to Cabot Corporate where he developed and used the Backplaning Process which is now one of Potentiaís major processes.

+ During his career, John has helped many businesses achieve the results required to make them successful:
Johnís undergraduate work was in Chemistry with a Masterís in Education and Organization Intervention from Antioch University.