Why These Three Elements?

Looking to understand what makes these three elements unique? How do they interrelate to create and sustain a Culture of Execution?

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A Radical Approach

Not getting the results you need from your strategy?  Maybe your thinking needs to be turned around.  Take a look at this article for some insight into Potentia's unique approach to turning strategy into results.

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Our Focus

Potentia Consulting helps clients create and sustain a Culture of Execution balanced with Grace, Wisdom and Compassion.

Companies today are increasingly challenged to translate future aspirations, goals, and opportunities into reality now. What worked before is no longer sufficient to achieve results beyond tomorrow. Building organizational discipline and capability to consistently and reliably create future value, with the same or fewer resources than before, is the next significant challenge for these companies. Our most successful clients have shown us three key elements to creating and sustaining this...

Services in this area include Strategy Implementation, Top Team Effectiveness, Leadership Development and Results Focused Backplanning

Strategy Implementation

"Getting the Results that Matter" - Translating strategic aspirations into the few key actions that will drive the needed results.

Top Team Effectiveness

"Modeling the Way"Having the right people, making the right decisions, with everyone pulling together toward the same vision, strategy, and goals.

Leadership Capabilities

"Building the Bench"Creating the depth of leadership skills and organizational capabilities at all management levels to deliver sustained results.

Why Potentia:

Client Industry Client Result
Pharmaceutical Increase in productivity from developing one drug product in three years to six in two years
Electronics Shift from losing $6 million a month to making $6 million a month within 14 months
Non-Profit Increase in revenue by factor of 2 within 18 months
Specialty Chemical Company Transform the culture from activity to execution orientation contributing to a doubling of stock price
Information Technology Create a $300 million outsourcing business